If you have materials to unload, please pull to the front and we will have a JROTC student to assist you.

Plan for at least 35 handouts.   Most sessions have been capped at 25-30 but rooms may have a few more seats for walk-ins.

IT & Wi-Fi

Richland Two IT staff will assist us with log-in information for the computer/LCD in your classroom.   We will be provided a wifi code each day of RTP. 


Please bring your presentation on a flash drive if at all possible as it will eliminate any issues hooking into the Richland Two network.   If you choose to bring a laptop, please be aware that we will not have access to adapters, etc.


There will be a presenter registration table for easy check-in.  This is located in the main lobby.   You will receive a folder with a listing of session participants, a sign-in sheet and a time for your session to go to lunch.

Participant lists, if you would like a copy to make initial contact with your session participants, please contact Dr. Cynthia Nixon at CNixon@FMARION.EDU.   Otherwise you will receive a copy upon registration.

Break Room

There will be a Presenter Break Room (202 - first floor) which will have water and some limited snacks. There is refrigerator in this room as well.   You are welcome to store materials, etc in this room overnight.

Travel & Reimbursement

For those traveling and/or those who have requested reimbursement, if you have not completed the FMU form you will need to when you check in. 

Travel reimbursements should be in the form of an invoice along with the hotel receipt and/or plane receipt from those flying in. 

The state reimburses at .545/mile for non-state employees and .505 for state employees. 

If possible, providing an invoice before leaving RTP would be helpful in getting you reimbursed promptly.